C-N California Futurity, Derby & Open Barrel Race

February 20 - 24, 2019


103 - OPEN Sunday $1,000 Added 4D - Open

215 Entries

No. Name^ City Time Place Money
68 Cheyenne Adney Thee Running Rebel Reedley , CA 18.770
3D - 60th
Jessica Alosi JMR Betsum Sparksfly
Palo Cedro , CA 19.097 No Time
Alessandra Anton Glamour Goddess
Sire: JL Dash Ta Heaven, Dam: My Glamour Girl
Healdsburg, CA 18.429
3D - 24th
Alessandra Anton Hopedersgininheaven
Sire: JL Dash Ta Heaven, Dam: Gin N Corona
Healdsburg, CA 18.224
3D - 2nd $441.00
Alessandra Anton VF Designer Fire
Sire: Designer Red, Dam: Firin Six Moons
Healdsburg, CA 19.424
4D - 8th $85.00
89 Kinsey Archer Wanna Be A Rock Star Galt, CA 19.569
4D - 18th
53 Emily Backes A Starbuckls N Fire RB Tehachapi, CA 19.122 No Time
Emily Backes Frosted Suspence
Sire: Frostburns, Dam: Heathers April Magic
Tehachapi, CA 19.643
4D - 21st
23 Breanna Bailey Lavish Affair Bakersfield , CA 19.166
3D - 88th
79 Breanna Bailey Smokem Dry Bakersfield , CA 18.849
3D - 66th
Bailey Balbach Truley Special Guy
Sire: First Down French, Dam: GG Truley Special
Sanger, CA 18.782
3D - 62nd
81 Aimee Barragan GL Jets Frostedpeach Chowchilla, CA 18.395
3D - 17th
99 Autumn Bauersfeld This Freckle Cat Red Bluff, CA 20.074 No Time
41 Mendy Beardsley DTF Royale Chico, CA 18.796
3D - 64th
Mendy Beardsley Fame Olena
Sire: Woodbridge, Dam: Lena on Oak DVM
Chico, CA 18.395
3D - 17th
16 Jayme Bednarek Foxy red dun cowgirl
Sire: Chex me I'm dun, Dam: Cattos foxy lady
Ridgecrest, CA 18.461
3D - 28th
Suzann Bene A Streak Of Hot Pie
Sire: A Streak Of Fling, Dam: Say Bye Pie
Bowie, AZ 18.480
3D - 30th
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Windy Catto
3D - 19th
73 Kiah Betschart Bear Atwater, CA 19.246
4D - 3rd $341.00
22 Kiah Betschart Blacky Atwater, CA 18.957
3D - 76th
10 Brooke Bingham Hunny Fowler, CA 18.443
3D - 25th
17 Payton Bladow Hasta be Prissy Yorba Linda, CA 18.497
3D - 32nd
109 Jenna Blake Oklahoma Shiner
Sire: EMW Fiery Revelation , Dam: ALITTLELAJOLLASHINES
Fresno, CA 19.223
4D - 2nd $384.00
120 Kamrynn Bonsell BW Fame On The Fly Clovis, CA 19.268
4D - 5th $234.00
123 Kamrynn Bonsell Cash The Hot Sanchex Clovis, CA 20.087
4D - 29th
45 Amber Boyd Docs Crowbar Lena El Nido, CA 18.507
3D - 34th
125 Kathy Branco Just N TheNickOfTime Chowchilla, CA 19.587
4D - 19th
91 Meg Brehm Cody the Count Washoe Valley, NV 18.891 No Time
116 Meg Brehm Sly Washoe Valley, NV 19.686
4D - 23rd
2 Kristin Weaver Brown JW Freeze Fame Temecula, CA 17.530
1D - 6th $224.00
34 Kristin Weaver Brown JW Miz Guyded Temecula, CA 17.638
1D - 7th $160.00
Kristin Weaver Brown Littlebitoffametoday
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Sol Olena
Temecula, CA 18.517
3D - 35th
Kristin Weaver Brown SR Fame has Perks
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Bad Black Dash
Temecula, CA 18.571
3D - 40th
Kristin Weaver Brown TheDarksideOfTheMoon
Sire: First Moonflash, Dam: Touched By The Moon
Temecula, CA 18.352
3D - 10th
Kristin Weaver Brown These Kisses Are Hot
Sire: Firewaterontherocks, Dam: Kiss Jet Goodbye
Temecula, CA 18.723
3D - 55th
15 Taryn Bruner Pay Cash for Gold Brentwood, CA 19.129
3D - 86th
92 Miley Bunting Bird Man 17.962 No Time
117 Miley Bunting Kalik 18.039
2D - 24th
95 Sis Buttrey Amos Is Famous El Nido, CA 18.159
2D - 36th
Sis Buttrey French My Reason
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Dance To The Reason
El Nido, CA 20.604
4D - 34th
CO Sis Buttrey Hooked On Perks
Sire: First Down Dash, Dam: Dash N Affairs
El Nido, CA Turn Out/Scratch
1 Mary Jo Camera Fairlea Lucky Gun Stevinson, CA 17.187
1D - 1st $735.00
90 Rene Capps Triple Q Reno, NV 18.539
3D - 36th
103 Angelina Carion Playboys Shiny Fool
Sire: Playboy Sailor, Dam: April Fool Chex
Esparto, CA 17.693
2D - 1st $604.00
Miranda Castro Maria La Reyna
Sire: Dual Rey, Dam: Starlight Special
Clovic, CA 18.563
3D - 39th