C-N California Futurity, Derby & Open Barrel Race

February 20 - 24, 2019


102 - OPEN Saturday $1,000 Added 4D - Open

226 Entries

No. Name^ City Time Place Money
Michele Mcleod Shes A Slick One
Sire: Slick By Design, Dam: Perks In April
Eloy, AZ 17.975
2D - 3rd $479.00
78 Michele Mcleod Stitches Honor N Fame Eloy, AZ 19.803 No Time
95 Asia Mcmurry Dory Fullerton, CA Turn Out/Scratch
12 Robyn Morgan Toby Rosamond , CA 18.732
3D - 41st
27 Sami Jo Morisoli Band Of Fame Lincoln, CA 19.144
3D - 64th
59 Sami Jo Morisoli Haydays Heartbreaker Lincoln, CA 17.972
2D - 2nd $539.00
85 Sami Jo Morisoli Ms Smart Starlight Lincoln, CA 18.092
2D - 18th
31 Rachelle Smith-Mose Behold n hot cash (Hotty) Bend, OR 18.440
2D - 48th
123 Rachelle Smith-Mose Iza French Dream (Izi)
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Wr Oh Too Rock
Bend, OR Turn Out/Scratch
Rachelle Smith-Mose Ril Cash Queen (Minion)
Sire: Judge Cash, Dam: Ril Francy Pants
Bend, OR 18.650
3D - 32nd
72 Ashley Nelson Stevie Rae Magnum
Sire: Magnum Chick Dream, Dam: Starlights Sally
Oakley, CA 18.530
3D - 13th
Curt Nelson Tee J Diamond Blaze Dos Palos, CA 22.818
4D - 28th
53 Vonnie Nunes Flash FAst Hawk Prather, CA 17.906
1D - 22nd
87 Vicki Oakley Remy Orange Cove, CA 21.122
4D - 25th
131 Selah Obenauf Blitz Por La Dinero 18.458
3D - 3rd $408.00
139 Selah Obenauf Famous Future 19.537
4D - 5th $244.00
84 Charleen Ornellas Chex To Boonsmal Lemoore, CA 35.748
4D - 29th
Charleen Ornellas Docs Dragon Slayer
Sire: Firewater Dragon, Dam: Berts Tari Chic
Lemoore, CA 18.677
3D - 37th
Charleen Ornellas Famous Red Roses
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: ThreeTimesTheMoney
Lemoore, CA 17.822
1D - 15th
Charleen Ornellas HR Lenas Tail 305
Sire: Mylanta Lena, Dam: Heads Or Tails 305
Lemoore, CA 19.319
3D - 73rd
Charleen Ornellas Jus Fine And Famous
Sire: JB Proud N Famous, Dam: HW Ms Montanas Cash
Lemoore, CA 18.835 No Time
CO Charleen Ornellas Just By Design
Sire: Slick By Design, Dam: Just Plain Coffee
Lemoore, CA Turn Out/Scratch
Kevion Parker Hooked On Perks
Sire: Hooked On Run, Dam: Dash N Affairs
3D - 71st
101 Katie Pascoe JR Famous Player
Sire: Famous Bugs, Dam: Dusty’s Jazzy Dancer
Morro Bay, CA 17.693
1D - 8th $133.00
Katie Pascoe JR Streakin Espuela
Sire: A Streak Of Fling, Dam: Espuela Pleasure
Morro Bay, CA 17.731
1D - 11th
Katie Pascoe Scarletts Royal Star
Sire: AR Star, Dam: Go Royal Scarlett
Morro Bay, CA 17.834
1D - 17th
94 Monica Pelosi Shooter Ferndale , CA 18.411
2D - 45th
36 Ashtyn Perry Ladybug Springville , Ca 21.347
4D - 27th
99 Danielle Prather Caught Me Shakin Agua Dulce, CA 18.726 No Time
125 Danielle Prather Pats Little Empress Agua Dulce, CA 18.461 No Time
111 Abi Price Quick Silver Colonel 19.117
3D - 62nd
109 Mia Prichard Lenas Lil Prize San Luis Obispo, CA 17.899
1D - 21st
Paty Raine Tally Up The Dinero
Sire: PC Frenchmans Hayday, Dam: Fast Time Tally
3D - 70th
69 Betsy Reynolds Duster Valencia , CA 19.064 No Time
Christina Richman Sheza Diamond Bunny
Sire: Woodbridge, Dam: Serabono
Fresno, CA 18.727
3D - 40th
CO Breanna Roberts Fantastic Firewater Reno, NV Turn Out/Scratch
75 Lacey Robinson JL Mark This Page Chowchilla, CA 18.526
3D - 11th
Lacey Robinson Rockin French Kiss
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Infamous Effort
Chowchilla, CA 21.193
4D - 26th
Cindy Romano The Famous Johnny Cash “Johnny”
Sire: KS Cash N Fame, Dam: Gold Dakota Rainee
Orland, CA 18.338
2D - 41st
42 Renee Rowles Dudes A Royal Star Nipomo, CA 18.526
3D - 11th
June Rust Rocket Like A G6
Sire: Foose, Dam: Cowgirls Gone Wild
3D - 76th
Rosie Saabye Floincash
Sire: Susies First Down, Dam: Magelena Rae Flo
Valley Springs , CA 18.610
3D - 24th
61 Bryan Scheer Liddle Judge Oakdale, CA 17.674
1D - 7th $166.00
47 Brenda Sellers Cisco Yerington, NV 19.987
4D - 13th
Leslie Shepard Gunners Smokn Badger
Sire: Gunna Roll, Dam: Mc Colleena Chex
Bakersfield, CA 18.536 No Time