C-N California Futurity, Derby & Open Barrel Race

February 20 - 24, 2019


102 - OPEN Saturday $1,000 Added 4D - Open

226 Entries

No. Name^ City Time Place Money
18 Dreux Clark Malibu King CIty, CA 19.036
3D - 59th
Vicky Cook KC Pritzi Famous
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Aunt Laveta
2D - 1st $629.00
Vicky Cook Man of Fame
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: PC Sun Chilena
1D - 6th $266.00
4 Cathy Cooper FW Dragon Slayer
Sire: Firewater Dragon, Dam: Dash A Little Faster
Acton,, CA 18.551
3D - 15th
41 Sandra Corbin Lola's Biankus Babe
Sire: Frenchman's Biankus, Dam: Bita Knight
Stonyford, CA 18.256
2D - 29th
Noel Cosca Cashy Dash Down
Sire: First Down Express, Dam: Cashy Driftwood
Friant, CA 19.514
4D - 3rd $355.00
62 Noel Cosca Red Hot Howie
Sire: Exclusive Red Man, Dam: Hold
Friant, CA 18.649
3D - 31st
Noel Cosca Wood Buzz For Cash
Sire: Buzz Word, Dam: Cashy Driftwood
Friant, CA 19.458
4D - 1st $466.00
66 Jessica Crouch JK Hitman
Sire: Brother Is, Dam: BDS Tagalong Casady
Bend, OR 18.205
2D - 26th
Jessica Crouch Judge Robin Hood
Sire: Judge Cash, Dam: Slinky O Lena
Bend, OR 18.162
2D - 23rd
113 Kayla Dami Colormelikeabully Fresno, CA 18.639
3D - 28th
20 Jessica Davis Nurse Lola Chowchilla, Ca 18.676
3D - 36th
44 Sharra Deniz CC Way Cool Junior Corning, CA 18.327
2D - 39th
74 Samantha Dewhurst Herbie Rides Again clements , CA 19.172 No Time
51 Jaime Donato Lena Scotts Valley , California 20.064
4D - 15th
103 Jaime Donato Maverick Scotts Valley , California 26.289 No Time
Breanna Ellis Catt Von Dee
Sire: That Sly Cat, Dam: Trulena Light
Bella Vista , CA 18.069
2D - 16th
104 Breanna Ellis WS Famous Fancy Ohs Bella Vista , CA 17.762
1D - 12th
130 Emily A Starbucks N FireRB Tehachapi , CA Turn Out/Scratch
Madison Erwin Bob A Louie Louie 19.341
3D - 74th
48 Tiffany Erwin Smooch To Me
Sire: Smart Little Pistol, Dam: Frosted Rose Doll
Bakersfield , CA 20.165
4D - 18th
124 Stephanie Evetts Frenchmans Brucey 18.450
3D - 2nd $459.00
21 Tracey Fannin Dory 18.310
2D - 37th
2 Carolyn Fay Stolin Butterfly
Sire: Stoli, Dam: Colonels Red Pine
Madera, CA 18.602
3D - 22nd
108 Dakota Freemna Clair 40000.000 No Time
91 Kris Gadbois CRCS Regaldash Escondido, CA 17.571 No Time
Kris Gadbois Famous Goodbye Lane
Sire: The Goodbye Lane, Dam: VJ Ta Fame
Escondido, CA 17.444
1D - 1st $699.00
Kris Gadbois Guys Luv Ta Fame Escondido, CA 18.055
2D - 15th
CO Kris Gadbois La Epica
Sire: Epic Leader, Dam: Dashing Valismy Name
Escondido, CA Turnout/Scratch
33 Kris Gadbois Sheza Frenchman Guy Escondido, CA 18.294 No Time
Kris Gadbois Sheza Lady Guys Escondido, CA 18.337
2D - 40th
CO Shana Gibson Uno Mas Goodbye
Sire: The Goodbye Lane, Dam: Request A Scout
Ogden, UT Turn Out/Scratch
127 Chelsea Glanz PC Boons Sunwood 18.099 No Time
98 Chelsea Glanz TCR Frost Afrenchie 18.799
3D - 46th
65 Betty Grohl Dash Ta Tiger Fame Jamestown, CA 18.006
2D - 7th $150.00
Betty Grohl JR Hay Jamiechick
Sire: MP Haypatch Tiger, Dam: Jamie Chick
Jamestown, CA 18.492
3D - 7th $128.00
19 Kaillee Hamre Double Down on Red
Sire: Just Spending Money, Dam: Dine or Dash
Los Molinos, CA 18.599
3D - 21st
49 Kaillee Hamre Made Me Wild Bill Los Molinos, CA 18.054
2D - 14th
Kaillee Hamre Red French Lady
Sire: Hunts Lonesome Frost, Dam: Frenchmans Roan Bar
Los Molinos, CA 18.620
3D - 25th
Emily Hannaford Chasin A Firefly
Sire: Chasin Firewater, Dam: Famous Alibi
Templeton, CA 18.472
3D - 5th $281.00
Angie Hardin Mercedes Scoot “VooDoo”
Sire: Smart Lil Scoot, Dam: Mercedes Boons
Cottonwood, CA 19.197
3D - 68th
63 Angie Hardin Smarty’s Real Rock “Cajun”
Sire: Smart Lil Scoot, Dam: Really Rocky
Cottonwood, CA 17.791 No Time
Cheyenne Hattesen Einsteins Honey Chex
Sire: Einsteins Revolution, Dam: Money Honey 2001
Kermen, CA 18.261
2D - 33rd
Callie Helton Barred By French Bakersfield, CA 18.827 No Time
Mary Hodson Starlet O Heira
Sire: Rocky Heir, Dam: Pretty Special Peppy
Catheys Valley, CA 18.444
3D - 1st $536.00