C-N California Futurity, Derby & Open Barrel Race

February 20 - 24, 2019


050 - 1st Go DERBY 2D - Derby

53 Entries

No. Name^ City Time Place Money
6 Alessandra Anton Glamour Goddess
Sire: JL Dash Ta Heaven, Dam: My Glamour Girl
Healdsburg, CA 18.018
1D - 9th
32 Alessandra Anton Hopedersgininheaven
Sire: JL Dash Ta Heaven, Dam: Gin N Corona
Healdsburg, CA 18.347
1D - 17th
44 Mendy Beardsley Fame Olena
Sire: Woodbridge, Dam: Lena on Oak DVM
Chico, CA 18.835
2D - 12th
43 Jayme Bednarek PistolsPakinFirewater
Sire: Fire Water Dragon, Dam: Easy Brown Bug
Ridgecrest, CA 19.402
2D - 18th
28 Leisa Bingham So Selfless
Sire: Self Shine, Dam: Whizards Magic
Fowler, CA 21.288
2D - 21st
36 Miranda Castro Perfect Rosie May
Sire: Perfect Pepto, Dam: Comanchi Gin
Clovic, CA 18.026
1D - 10th
3 Vicky Cook Man of Fame
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: PC Sun Chilena
1D - 3rd $300.00
13 Noel Cosca Cashy Dash Down
Sire: First Down Express, Dam: Cashy Driftwood
Friant, CA 19.514
2D - 19th
47 Briley Dahlem Tax Cat Olena
Sire: Warethecat, Dam: Bubbas Pre Peanut
Coasrsgold, CA 20.512
2D - 20th
2 Katrina Dugo DL Famous Playgirl
Sire: KS Cash N Fame, Dam: Spratts Twenty Four
Oakdale, CA 18.049
1D - 11th
33 Katrina Dugo RK Hell On Hooves
Sire: KS Cash N Fame, Dam: A Hot Prescription
Oakdale, CA 18.808
2D - 11th
23 Breanna Ellis Catt Von Dee
Sire: That Sly Cat, Dam: Trulena Light
Bella Vista , CA 18.069
1D - 13th
9 Kris Gadbois Famous Goodbye Lane
Sire: The Goodbye Lane, Dam: VJ Ta Fame
Escondido, CA 17.444
1D - 1st $495.00
20 Kris Gadbois Guys Luv Ta Fame Escondido, CA 18.055
1D - 12th
31 Kris Gadbois La Epica
Sire: Epic Leader, Dam: Dashing Valismy Name
Escondido, CA Turnout/Scratch
40 Kris Gadbois Sheza Lady Guys Escondido, CA 18.337
1D - 15th
TBD Shana Gibson Uno Mas Goodbye
Sire: The Goodbye Lane, Dam: Request A Scout
Ogden, UT Turn Out/Scratch
34 Betty Grohl JR Hay Jamiechick
Sire: MP Haypatch Tiger, Dam: Jamie Chick
Jamestown, CA 18.492
2D - 4th $130.00
TBD Kristen Grzincic AO Miss Trona Turn Out/Scratch
16 Callie Helton Barred By French Bakersfield, CA 18.827 No Time
22 Heather Hengst DL Swayntafame
Sire: KS Cash N Fame, Dam: PC Miss Sugar Leo
Imperial Beach, CA 19.304
2D - 16th
12 Mary Hodson Starlet O Heira
Sire: Rocky Heir, Dam: Pretty Special Peppy
Catheys Valley, CA 18.444
2D - 1st $330.00
27 Allie Howard Jess Call On Me Lemon Cove, CA 17.486
1D - 2nd $405.00
38 Madison Jones Silver Otto Maker
Sire: Silver Gun, Dam: Topsails Sugar Babt
Clovis, CA 19.837 No Time
14 Kayden Kaiser Emmy Lou Sunshine Paso Robles, CA 18.698
2D - 10th
18 Jayme Knott Runaway N Dash
Sire: Sir Runaway Dash
Brentwood , CA 18.079
1D - 14th
24 Ashley Cates-Leibbrand JP Blue Belle
Sire: Blue Bell Checks, Dam: JP Yellow Rose
Terra Bella , CA 19.146
2D - 13th
21 Katie Mccaslan PCR Swiftly Famous
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Swiss Sugar Doc
Raisin City, CA 18.206 No Time
7 Kate McKemy Streakin Made Me Famous
Sire: A Streak Of Fling, Dam: Efford To Fame
Williams, CA 18.004
1D - 8th
29 Chelsea Mclaughlin Sheza Snazzy Chick
Sire: Chicados Cash, Dam: Snazzy Nazzy
Oakdale , CA 19.289
2D - 15th
17 Rachelle Smith-Mose Ril Cash Queen (Minion)
Sire: Judge Cash, Dam: Ril Francy Pants
Bend, OR 18.650
2D - 8th
5 Curt Nelson Tee J Diamond Blaze Dos Palos, CA 22.818
2D - 22nd
11 Charleen Ornellas Famous Red Roses
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: ThreeTimesTheMoney
Lemoore, CA 17.822
1D - 6th
25 Charleen Ornellas HR Lenas Tail 305
Sire: Mylanta Lena, Dam: Heads Or Tails 305
Lemoore, CA 19.319
2D - 17th
42 Charleen Ornellas Jus Fine And Famous
Sire: JB Proud N Famous, Dam: HW Ms Montanas Cash
Lemoore, CA 18.835 No Time
19 Katie Pascoe JR Famous Player
Sire: Famous Bugs, Dam: Dusty’s Jazzy Dancer
Morro Bay, CA Turn Out/Scratch
41 Katie Pascoe JR Streakin Espuela
Sire: A Streak Of Fling, Dam: Espuela Pleasure
Morro Bay, CA 17.731
1D - 4th $195.00
30 Paty Raine Tally Up The Dinero
Sire: PC Frenchmans Hayday, Dam: Fast Time Tally
2D - 14th
39 Christina Richman Mizter Dicso Fame 37
Sire: Jerrys Disco Moon, Dam: Miz Fad
Fresno, CA 18.464
2D - 2nd $270.00
TBD Breanna Roberts Fantastic Firewater Reno, NV Turn Out/Scratch
26 Cindy Romano The Famous Johnny Cash “Johnny”
Sire: KS Cash N Fame, Dam: Gold Dakota Rainee
Orland, CA 18.338
1D - 16th
10 Dana Ryan Firewater McQueen
SIMI VALLEY, California 18.646
2D - 7th
46 Rosie Saabye Floincash
Sire: Susies First Down, Dam: Magelena Rae Flo
Valley Springs , CA 18.610
2D - 5th $70.00
37 Alanna Sing Sentinel Rein
Sire: Topsails Rien Maker, Dam: Emeralds CD
1D - 5th $105.00
1 Michelle Skender Chex The Frosty Smoke
Sire: Trace of Frost, Dam: DD Chex the Smoke
Fernley, NV Turn Out/Scratch