C-N California Futurity, Derby & Open Barrel Race

February 20 - 24, 2019


040 - 1st Go FUTURITY 2D - Futurity

86 Entries

No. Name^ City Time Place Money
74 Ryan Lovendahl KR Mini Pearl
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Tiny Cultured Peal
Fairfield , UT 15.042 No Time
27 Tammy Lowe Bar B Cowtown Boogie
Sire: Frenchmans Boogie, Dam: Reys Combo Baby
Hemet, CA Turn Out/Scratch
60 Tammy Lowe Kissannasweetorphan
Sire: One Sweet Jess, Dam: Annas Kiss
Hemet, CA Turn Out/Scratch
59 Rachel Magdaleno Sparks Ta Fire
Sire: Fire Water Dragon, Dam: Dash A Little Faster
Coarsgold, CA 18.625 No Time
TBD Christine Mason Sweet Baby Rein
Sire: I Make It Rien, Dam: Smart Holey Babe
Sonora, CA Turn Out/Scratch
73 Katie Mccaslan KM Guys N Firewater
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Perk Me A Firewater
Raisin City, CA 18.340
1D - 14th
19 Katie Mccaslan KM Oso French
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Oso Famus
Raisin City, CA 18.614
1D - 26th
40 Katie Mccaslan KM Rock Me Guys
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Firewateronspecial
Raisin City, CA 19.983 No Time
62 Katie Mccaslan KM Truly Famous
Sire: TKW Runaway Fame, Dam: True Glamour
Raisin City, CA 19.163
2D - 8th $178.00
24 Michele Mcleod Shes A Slick One
Sire: Slick By Design, Dam: Perks In April
Eloy, AZ 17.975
1D - 5th $563.00
66 Sami Jo Morisoli KC Secret French Kiss
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Secrey Cyndi
Lincoln, CA 18.801
1D - 33rd
44 Rachelle Smith-Mose Iza French Dream (Izi)
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Wr Oh Too Rock
Bend, OR 18.009
1D - 6th $415.00
48 Ashley Nelson Stevie Rae Magnum
Sire: Magnum Chick Dream, Dam: Starlights Sally
Oakley, CA 18.548
1D - 20th
6 Charleen Ornellas Docs Dragon Slayer
Sire: Firewater Dragon, Dam: Berts Tari Chic
Lemoore, CA 18.677
1D - 29th
38 Charleen Ornellas Just By Design
Sire: Slick By Design, Dam: Just Plain Coffee
Lemoore, CA Turn Out/Scratch
47 Kevion Parker Hooked On Perks
Sire: Hooked On Run, Dam: Dash N Affairs
2D - 11th $119.00
61 Katie Pascoe Scarletts Royal Star
Sire: AR Star, Dam: Go Royal Scarlett
Morro Bay, CA 17.834
1D - 1st $1,126.00
TBD Kimberli Quinn SK Double Dose Ta Fame Reno, NV Turn Out/Scratch
TBD Steve Quinn SK Streakin Ta Fame Reno, NV Turn Out/Scratch
11 Christina Richman Raise A Missy
Sire: Raise A Driftwood, Dam: HLC Smooth Missy
Fresno, CA 19.439
2D - 16th
53 Christina Richman Sheza Diamond Bunny
Sire: Woodbridge, Dam: Serabono
Fresno, CA 18.727
1D - 31st
51 Sami Jo Robbins AR Pistolera
Sire: Young Pistolena, Dam: PW Eyes For Hickory
2D - 18th
5 Sheena Robbins Go Getum Smokey
Sire: Gotta Go Get It, Dam: Colones Miss Sophia
Fresno, CA 19.543
2D - 20th
28 Sheena Robbins KM Im a regal guy
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Gizelle
Fresno, CA 18.837
2D - 1st $751.00
49 Sheena Robbins XC Fast N Famous
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Lady Merrylegs
Fresno, CA 18.583
1D - 24th
36 Lacey Robinson Rockin French Kiss
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Infamous Effort
Chowchilla, CA 21.193
2D - 27th
69 June Rust Rocket Like A G6
Sire: Foose, Dam: Cowgirls Gone Wild
2D - 15th
TBD Tracey Scott Lenas St Valentina Turn Out/Scratch
12 Leslie Shepard Gunners Smokn Badger
Sire: Gunna Roll, Dam: Mc Colleena Chex
Bakersfield, CA 18.536 No Time
TBD Deven Skouti Shezaheavenlydash Madera, CA Turn Out/Scratch
65 Holly Smith Good Ole George
Sire: First Down French, Dam: CF Princes Joy
Delhi, CA 18.028
1D - 7th $296.00
57 Kit Thompson Ill Toast to That
Sire: BHR Frenchies Sockas, Dam: Toast Your Bug
yoncalla, OR 4000.000 No Time
45 Cathey Vallerga KC Ima Sparkin
Sire: Eminent Spark, Dam: Joaks Miss N Cash
Lowerlake, CA 18.606
1D - 25th
TBD Kate Villeggiante Streak N Goodbye Santa Rosa , CA Turn Out/Scratch
10 Vauna Walker Dapper De Great
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Indebtedness
Tonopah, AZ 17.932
1D - 3rd $830.00
18 Vauna Walker La Epica
Sire: Epic Leader, Dam: Dashing Valismy Name
Tonopah, AZ 18.913
2D - 2nd $632.00
32 Vauna Walker RV Chasing Twisters
Sire: Chasin Firewater, Dam: DTF Way To Go
Tonopah, AZ 18.923
2D - 3rd $553.00
54 Vauna Walker RV Merri Goodbye
Sire: The Goodbye Lane, Dam: Waynadoc
Tonopah, AZ 18.200
1D - 9th $237.00
Sire: First Ta Fire, Dam: Chancesaremagic
Exeter, California 19.153
2D - 7th $198.00
8 Kristi Youngblood Whateva Rocks You
Sire: Firewaterontherocks, Dam: Whateva
Willows, CA 18.455 No Time
70 Candace Zappetini Shaken Firewater
Sire: Fire On Bug, Dam: CM Special Shake
Red Bluff, CA 18.784
1D - 32nd