C-N California Futurity, Derby & Open Barrel Race

February 20 - 24, 2019


040 - 1st Go FUTURITY 2D - Futurity

86 Entries

No. Name^ City Time Place Money
68 Jessica Alosi JMR Betsum Sparksfly
Palo Cedro , CA 18.255
1D - 10th $207.00
2 Alessandra Anton VF Designer Fire
Sire: Designer Red, Dam: Firin Six Moons
Healdsburg, CA 19.493 No Time
33 Emily Backes Frosted Suspence
Sire: Frostburns, Dam: Heathers April Magic
Tehachapi, CA 19.977
2D - 21st
75 Leah Baize Disco In Dallas 37
Sire: Jerrys Disco Moon, Dam: Miss JB 0946
Madera, CA 19.515
2D - 19th
37 Bailey Balbach Truley Special Guy
Sire: First Down French, Dam: GG Truley Special
Sanger, CA 18.567
1D - 22nd
72 Suzann Bene A Streak Of Hot Pie
Sire: A Streak Of Fling, Dam: Say Bye Pie
Bowie, AZ 18.310
1D - 13th
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Windy Catto
2D - 12th $99.00
13 Kiah Betschart Rockin Finale
Sire: Firewater Fianle, Dam: Smart N Zip
Atwater, CA 22.081
2D - 28th
1 Kristin Weaver Brown Littlebitoffametoday
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Sol Olena
Temecula, CA 18.360
1D - 15th
23 Kristin Weaver Brown SR Fame has Perks
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Bad Black Dash
Temecula, CA 18.260
1D - 11th $178.00
43 Kristin Weaver Brown TheDarksideOfTheMoon
Sire: First Moonflash, Dam: Touched By The Moon
Temecula, CA 17.861
1D - 2nd $948.00
64 Kristin Weaver Brown These Kisses Are Hot
Sire: Firewaterontherocks, Dam: Kiss Jet Goodbye
Temecula, CA 18.630
1D - 28th
15 Sis Buttrey French My Reason
Sire: First Down French, Dam: Dance To The Reason
El Nido, CA 20.402
2D - 23rd
76 Sis Buttrey Hooked On Perks
Sire: First Down Dash, Dam: Dash N Affairs
El Nido, CA Turn Out/Scratch
52 Mary Jo Camera Rox in My Firewater
Sire: Firewaterontherocks, Dam: Fancys Dusty Rose
Stevinson, CA 18.970
2D - 4th $474.00
20 Mary Jo Camera Running Like A Outlaw Stevinson, CA 18.407
1D - 16th
29 Miranda Castro Maria La Reyna
Sire: Dual Rey, Dam: Starlight Special
Clovic, CA 18.552
1D - 21st
21 Vicky Cook KC Pritzi Famous
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Aunt Laveta
1D - 4th $711.00
16 Noel Cosca Wood Buzz For Cash
Sire: Buzz Word, Dam: Cashy Driftwood
Friant, CA 19.458
2D - 17th
34 Jessica Crouch Judge Robin Hood
Sire: Judge Cash, Dam: Slinky O Lena
Bend, OR 18.162
1D - 8th $267.00
56 Katrina Dugo Imactually Aturkey Oakdale, CA 19.434
2D - 14th
30 Katrina Dugo Prescribe Me Cash
Sire: KS Cash N Fame, Dam: A Hot Prescription
Oakdale, CA 18.512
1D - 19th
17 Madison Erwin Bob A Louie Louie 19.341
2D - 13th
7 Alyssa Ferguson Chexin Starlite
Sire: Junior Starlight, Dam: Chex Bar Lite
Gilroy, CA 18.725
1D - 30th
39 Alyssa Ferguson Royal n Reydiant
Sire: Mount Royals Pistol, Dam: Dual Reys Angel
Gilroy, CA 18.990
2D - 5th $375.00
71 Dakota Freeman Hooch
Sire: Electric Motion, Dam: Mia Tari
Redbluff , CA 20.198
2D - 22nd
67 Kris Gadbois La Epica
Sire: Epic Leader, Dam: Dashing Valismy Name
Escondido, CA Turnout/Scratch
TBD Shana Gibson SG Funny Money
Sire: The Goodbye Lane, Dam: Some Famous Girl
Ogden, UT Turn Out/Scratch
9 Rebecca Grimes Fairlea Smart Genie
Sire: Smart Steady Date, Dam: Fairleas Avangelena
Santa Maria, CA 20.052 No Time
42 Rebecca Grimes Too Smart Ta Streak
Sire: Smart Steady Date, Dam: Fairleas Avengelena
Santa Maria, CA 20.459
2D - 24th
TBD Kristen Grzincic One Ton Drifter Turn Out/Scratch
14 Kaillee Hamre Red French Lady
Sire: Hunts Lonesome Frost, Dam: Frenchmans Roan Bar
Los Molinos, CA 18.620
1D - 27th
25 Emily Hannaford Chasin A Firefly
Sire: Chasin Firewater, Dam: Famous Alibi
Templeton, CA 18.472
1D - 18th
3 Angie Hardin Mercedes Scoot “VooDoo”
Sire: Smart Lil Scoot, Dam: Mercedes Boons
Cottonwood, CA 19.197
2D - 9th $158.00
26 Cheyenne Hattesen Einsteins Honey Chex
Sire: Einsteins Revolution, Dam: Money Honey 2001
Kermen, CA 18.261
1D - 12th $148.00
TBD Kelsey Hayden Imactually Aturkey
Sire: Im Alive Firewater, Dam: RWK Fancy Select
Hanford , CA Turn Out/Scratch
41 Miranda Hornberger Paulina Oak
Sire: Olena Oak, Dam: Starlights Sailor
Turn Out/Scratch
4 Allie Howard Parr Four The Course Lemon Cove, CA 20.619
2D - 25th
TBD Sally Ives Olivia Pope
Sire: TR Dasher, Dam: Royal Heights
Agua Dulce , CA Turn Out/Scratch
31 Jessica James Hooked Up N Firin
Sire: Hooked On Run, Dam: Pico De Bayou
Paso Robles, CA 21.049
2D - 26th
63 Jamey Johnson Easily Twisted
Sire: Dun it With a Twist, Dam: Gitchee Otie Whiz
Valley Springs, CA 18.570
1D - 23rd
50 Abigail Knecht The Flyin Lion
Sire: Dash Ta Fame, Dam: Colonels Nus Flash
San Luis Obispo, CA 19.036
2D - 6th $277.00
46 Brandon Labbee Aint Surprised
Sire: Aint Seen Nothin Yet, Dam: Hevenly Surprise
Buhl, ID 19.205
2D - 10th $138.00
55 Lacey Lockard First Choice
Sire: First Moonflash, Dam: A Fortunate Choice
Atascadero, Ca, CA 18.444
1D - 17th
22 Lacey Lockard Shine Proudly
Sire: Eminent Spark, Dam: Longbranch Miss
Atascadero, Ca, CA 19.281 No Time