SaddleBook Team

Meet the SaddleBook Team

SaddleBook Team

Paul in the snow

Founder and CEO


Paul Hanson is a software engineer/entrepreneur who is passionate about creating systems. From his first design for a remote light switch used to harass his sisters, to pioneering a successful retail point of sale system in the 1990’s, Paul is in constant search of connecting things together with technology to improve people’s connections.

While SaddleBook is not his first system, it is the one that Paul is most passionate about. “My passion for SaddleBook is not just because I know that I can make a great web App for people who love their horses… and I know that includes just about everyone who rides and enjoys horses… but also because it honors my three sisters who were all avid and passionate horsewomen.” Paul spent his childhood carting his sisters and their horses around to horse shows. He was towing the trailer, cleaning stalls and hauling tack. Paul’s family members, are still enjoying their horses. In watching them, listening to their friends, and being surrounded by horse lovers, it has become clear that the horse world is way behind in technology resources. Paul’s goal is to provide a web App for the horse world to connect, share and pursue the power of community. SaddleBook is Paul’s solution.

Paul’s pioneering involvement in technology lead to membership in IBM North America’s National Retail Advisory board. His history in sports and competition lead to creating a management system used at the Augusta National - Masters Golf Tournament for over 15 years and developing neuro training technology for professional athletes.

SaddleBook empowers horse people to connect with horse events, document their horse history and share their successes!
Let’s Ride!

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Marketing and Customer Relations


Naomi has been involved in customer development and marketing for over 8 years. When you meet Naomi you will not be surprised to find that she spent those 8 years in fashion. She is now turning her experience in communication and marketing to the equestrian industry. And Naomi is a great communicator!

Naomi is a California native, and has recently moved to Arizona horse country to immerse herself in the future of SaddleBook. She is also working to complete her bachelors degree in Business Administration at ASU, where she will go on to complete her MBA as well.

Naomi loves people and making meaningful relationships. She is very hands on when it comes to the Producers and Riders who use SaddleBook. She is always there to hop on a call or send a text if anyone needs help. "I love making people happy! My passion for SaddleBook is that it is such a wonderful tool to help those in the barrel racing and equestiran world do more of what they love- spending time on their horses and with friends and family. I love SaddleBook because it feels like one big family. We all have a wonderful time together and everyone has each other's back."

Rick pic

Marketing Advisor


Rick Joslen is an entrepreneur and marketing specialist. Rick knows about growth and scale. His knowledge comes from personal experience in growing his own company into a nationwide business and more recently as the Marketing Director bringing phenomenal growth to a large distribution company.

Rick brings his expertise in marketing and passion for growing businesses to SaddleBook as a national advisor. Rick’s family includes horse owners and riders and lives in Temecula, California with his wife Pene, a horse girl from Paso Robles.

What We Do

No More Hoofing it to the Office

What We Do

SaddleBook is a place for all horse event producers to publicize and manage their horse competitions from any location.
Event production becomes effortless allowing producers, riders, judges and staff all of the information needed at their fingertips.

No More Hoofing it to the Office

On any mobile device.


Riders enter online.
Producers instantly receive rider entries.
Remote rider check in.
Ride results instantly publish and available.
Full financial results.
The only complete eco-system for riders & producers.


SaddleBook is a place for horse owners.
For riders.
For trainers.
For organizations.
To learn about, enter, pay and find results.

Julie holding phone

On the Go!

What They Are Saying


What They Are Saying

Here's what people are saying about SaddleBook.

Powell Butte, Oregon

I began using Saddlebook when one of my contestants told me about a new program with the neatest features: you can enter online, you can see the draw, you can see the results instantly, and it keeps track of your entry fees and winnings. I called Paul at SaddleBook immediately. SaddleBook is responsive to all my needs. Even with my “technical emergencies” Paul is there to help. No more spending hours entering checks into Quickbooks. All of that is integrated for you with SaddleBook. I can't tell you the amount of time SaddleBook has saved me. You are missing out if you haven’t seen how well SaddleBook works.

Kerri Jo Talburt
Rim Rock Riders

Lincoln, California

When I was introduced to Paul Hanson at SaddleBook I wasn’t ready to switch programs and learn something new. Until Paul said: SaddleBook does direct input to QuickBooks and checks are created within QuickBooks with all contestants automatically set up. That got my attention. Then I learned that SaddleBook offers a complete Profit and Loss Statement with a Balance Sheet! That blew my mind! I was SOLD! SaddleBook has a ton of additional features. My contestants absolutely love the texting feature. As soon as I have a draw done, BOOM…every contestant receives a text with their draw numbers. We all LOVE the live results. One of the BEST features of SaddleBooks is accessibility. SaddleBook is kind of like an iPhone, if you think it should do it, it probably does and it does it beautifully!

Spring Krogue
Classic Barrel Racing

Camarillo, California

I decided to try What a great choice! Naomi from took me by the hand and held it through the entire event! It was fast, efficient, and user friendly for both the contestant and the producer. It gave me all of the information that I needed and more that I didn’t even know that I needed! I can’t recommend high enough.

Debbie Wood Matthews
Sharon Camarillo Classic

Ropesville, Texas

SaddleBook is the best program out there!!! It has enabled us to accept online entries and it also allows contestants  to decide where they need/want to run on each horse. I no longer have to set in front of the computer and manually enter contestants into the system. The program also provides live results throughout the event. I’ve used several different programs and they don’t hold a candle anywhere near SaddleBook. Thank you Paul and Naomi!

Carla Cornett
Cross C Productions


Just Getting Started


August 2020

17K+ Horses

Over 17,000 horses representing 43 states and 3 countries registered on SaddleBook.

June 2020

$1M Event Hosted

SaddleBook manages single event with entries exceeding $1M.

December 2018

Junior NFR Rodeo

SaddleBook manages youth rodeo event in Las Vegas with contestants in barrel racing, breakaway, tie down, bronc riding and bull riding.

December 2017

1000+ Unique Users

After only 3 months in operation, SaddleBook has over 1,000 registered user accounts.

August 2017

SaddleBook Launch

Founders commit to commanding online vertical market in equestrian industry.